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Get the Facts About CME

Concerns about conflict of interest and bias in CME have raised questions about medical education in the minds of clinicians, regulators, and the general public. Is there really a difference between certified continuing medical education and independent promotional activities regulated by the FDA? After reading reports in the press and from legislative hearings, do you wonder if CME is influenced by pharmaceutical funding? Have the appropriate checks and balances been applied to the educational activity in which you are participating to ensure it is balanced and objective? These are all valid questions that as educators, consumers, and stakeholders in the CME community we may, and should, be asking. As these questions are posed, it is critical that the answers accurately reflect current CME practices and not misinformation or misrepresentation.

The Get the Facts! Campaign is an effort by the National Task Force on Continuing Medical Education Provider/Industry Collaboration to disseminate factual information on issues that are important and relevant to the CME community. Members of the task force include, but are not limited to, the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (Alliance for CME), Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME), Association for Hospital Medical Education (AHME), and the Coalition for Healthcare Communication.

The task force is creating an ongoing series of fact sheets to distribute factual information about CME. Click on the icons below to view or download (PDF format):

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Get the Facts! Campaign Toolkit
Vol. 1, Issue 1: Continuing Medical Education: Providing Valid and Independent Evidence for Clinical Decisions
Vol. 1, Issue 2: Continuing Medical Education: Addressing Conflict of Interest (COI)
Vol. 2, Issue 1: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Company Support of Continuing Medical Education
Vol. 2, Issue 3: On-Label and Off-Label Usage of Prescription Medicines and Devices, and the Relationship to CME

CME Outfitters: Education With Integrity

CME Outfitters' educational activities are needs-based, evidence-based, and incorporate the most solid science and clinical experience available. Our faculty presenters are chosen for their expertise and teaching skills, and all conflicts of interest are proactively identified and resolved. Our dealings with our participants and partner organizations are always ethical and just. We insist on strict and exemplary compliance with applicable guidelines, standards, and statutes. And for activities receiving industry support, we rigorously guard against commercial bias and influence.

In today's CME/CE environment, there is increasing regulatory and media scrutiny on the relationships among faculty, commercial supporters, clinicians, and education providers. CME Outfitters continues to bring integrity to the task of creating valuable education for healthcare professionals. Our educational model is optimized to produce an upward spiral of practice improvements and better patient outcomes. You can count on CME Outfitters to place your needs and the needs of the public health above everything else we do.

To complement the National Task Force's content above, CME Outfitters is creating a series of fact sheets to educate the public about its educational model. Click on the icons below to view or download (PDF format):

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Commitment to Disseminating Accurate Information to CME Stakeholders: COI, Fair Balance, and Get the Facts!
Best Practice Model for Content Review and Validation

Additional Links

The Effect of Industry Support on Participants' Perceptions of Bias in Continuing Medical Education
Does the presence of commercial support automatically create bias? In a large, prospective analysis of 95,429 participants in CME activities published in the January 2010 issue of Academic Medicine, researchers from the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Continuing Education sought to determine whether industry support of CME activities affected the perception of commercial bias. Researchers found no evidence that commercial support results in increased perception of bias among participants. Read the entire study at

Announcement from NAAMECC President Stephen Lewis
The US Senate Special Committee on Aging held a hearing on July 29, 2009, in Washington DC titled "Medical Research and Education: Higher Learning or Higher Earning". The meeting focused on Continuing Medical Education (CME). Staff members and the Chief Investigator for Committee Chair US Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wisc) have had several discussions with NAAMECC, and NAAMECC is diligently working to educate them about the big differences between Certified CME and other forms of "education."

At the request of Kohl's staff, the NAAMECC Board compiled these comments to inform the Committee members about Certified CME. Please feel free to review and distribute these comments to members of your education networks. We need to continue to educate those within and outside the CME enterprise regarding the value and definition of Certified CME.

Get the Facts! home page
CME Outfitters fully supports The National Task Force on Continuing Medical Education Provider/Industry Collaboration Get the Facts! Campaign and commits to joining them in taking actionable steps to distribute factual information about CME that focuses on improving care for patients.

National Faculty Education Initiative
CME Outfitters supports the National Faculty Education Initiative developed to train faculty on the difference between certified CME and promotional education. CME Outfitters requests that all faculty involved in CME Outfitters activities complete this online training module.

Clinical Compass™ Article on Get the Facts!
The December 2, 2008, issue of Clinical Compass™ featured an article about CME Outfitters' commitment to support the Get the Facts! Campaign and other initiatives.

Press Release - CME Outfitters Supports National Task Force Campaign to Get the Facts! About Continuing Medical Education
CME Outfitters distributed a press release on December 8, 2008 to announce our participation in the Get the Facts! Campaign.

Press Release - CME Outfitters Receives Five Year Full Approval from American Psychological Association
CME Outfitters distributed a press release on August 1, 2006 after being granted five year full approval as a sponsor of continuing education for psychologists.

Press Release - CME Outfitters Receives Top Recognition in Latest ACCME Survey Decision
CME Outfitters distributed a press release on March 29, 2006 after earning Accreditation with Commendation status and a six-year approval term for exemplary performance.

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