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"neuroscienceCME provides high quality, unbiased CME activities on a wide range of clinically relevant topics." - John W. Newcomer, MD

" will engage clinicians and build an online community that through education based on science and peer-to-peer exchange, will advance the field." - Roger McIntyre, MD, FRCPC
Faculty Members

Based on mutual professional respect
CME Outfitters enjoys deep and longstanding relationships with the most sought-after thought leaders in the neurosciences. We strive to achieve a unique faculty experience during each educational activity, resulting in a growing panel of well-respected thought leaders who continue to partner with us.

Howard Abikoff, PhD
Marc Agronin, MD
George Alexopoulos, MD
Michael Allen, MD
Christer Allgulander, MD
Lori Altshuler, MD
Sonia Ancoli-Israel, PhD
Nancy Andreasen, MD, PhD
James Barbee, MD
John Beyer, MD
Joseph Biederman, MD
Charles Bowden, MD
Peter Buckley, MD
Daniel Buysse, MD
Deborah Cantrell, MD, PA
Kiki Chang, MD
Pierre Chue, MD, MRCPsych,
Robert Conley, MD
Larry Culpepper, MD, MPH
Andrew Cutler, MD
David Daniel, MD
Jonathan Davidson, MD
Charles DeBattista, MD
Pedro Delgado, MD
John Docherty, MD
Karl Doghramji, MD
Paul Doghramji, MD, FAAFP   
Christopher Drake, PhD
Wayne Drevets, MD
Boadie Dunlop, MD
Milton Erman, MD
Maurizio Fava, MD
Sergio Fazio, MD,PhD
Edna Foa, PhD
David Folks, MD
Malcolm Fraser, MD, CMD
Marlene Freeman, MD
Frederick Frese, PhD
Mark Frye, MD
Rohan Ganguli, MD
S. Nassir Ghaemi, MD, PhD
Joseph Goldberg, MD
Junius Gonzales, MD, MBA
Michael Green, PhD
Philip B. Harvey, PhD
David Henderson, MD
Robert Hirschfeld, MD
Rona Hu, MD
James Hudziak, MD
Kathleen S. Jarboe, APRN, BC
Geetha Jayaram, MD
Peter Jensen, MD
Ned Kalin, MD
John Kane, MD
Shitij Kapur, MD, PhD
Ira Katz, MD
Paul Keck, MD
Samuel Keith, MD
Martin Keller, MD
Jeffrey Kelsey, MD, PhD
Justine Kent, MD
Terrence Ketter, MD
Scott Kollins, PhD
Mark Komrad, MD
Jerrold Kram, MD
Christopher Kratochvil, MD
K. Ranga Krishnan, MD
Andrew Krystal, MD, MS
John H. Krystal, MD
John Lauriello, MD
Scott Lee, MD
Eric Lenze, MD
Jeffrey Lieberman, MD
Richard Lipton, MD
Kimberly Littrell, MS, ARNP, CS  
R. Bruce Lydiard, MD,PhD
Stephen Marder, MD
Vincent Martin, MD
Joseph McEvoy, MD
Roger McIntyre, MD, FRCPC
Herbert Meltzer, MD
Jonathan Meyer, MD
Hans-Jürgen Möller, MD
Philip Muskin, MD
Meera Narasimhan, MD
Henry Nasrallah, MD
Charles Nemeroff, MD, PhD
John W. Newcomer, MD
Jeffrey Newcorn, MD
Andrew Nierenberg, MD
Philip T. Ninan, MD
Grayson S. Norquist, MD, MSPH
Charles O'Brien, MD, PhD
Mary O'Malley, MD, PhD
Judith Owens, MD, MPH
Rafael Pelayo, MD
Diana Perkins, MD, MPH
Roy Perlis, MD
Robert Post, MD
Steven Potkin, MD
Sheldon Preskorn, MD
Horacio Preval, MD
Jefferson Prince, MD
Robert Rakel, MD
Mark Hyman Rapaport, MD
Natalie Rasgon, MD, PhD
Charles Reynolds, MD
Trevor W. Robbins, PhD
Timothy Roehrs, PhD
Russell P. Rosenberg, PhD
Thomas Roth, PhD
A. John Rush, MD
David Satcher, MD, PhD
Alan Schatzberg, MD
Lon Schneider, MD
Jonathan Schwartz, MD
Zafar Sharif, MD
David Sheehan, MD, MBA
Jerome Siegel, MD
George Simpson, MD
Thomas Spencer, MD
Stephen Stahl, MD, PhD
Murray Stein, MD
Zachary Stowe, MD
Scott Stroup, MD, MPH
Tricia Suppes, MD, PhD
Marvin Swartz, MD
Robert Swift, MD, PhD
Eric Tangalos, MD
Warren Taylor, MD
Michael Thase, MD
Martin Turner, MD
Dawn Velligan, PhD
Karen Wagner, MD
Peter Weiden, MD
Daniel Weinberger, MD
Risa Weisberg, PhD
Timothy Wilens, MD
Phyllis Zee, MD, PhD
Dan Zimbroff, MD
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